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•  Chlorinated Series
•  Epoxy Resin Reactive Diluents Series
•  Bisphenol A Type Liquid Epoxy Resin
•  Bisphenol F Type Liquid Epoxy Resin
•  Phenol Novolac Type Epoxy Resin
•  Amino-terminated Polyether
  Paint & Coatings
  Food Additives
  Pharmaceutical Chemicals
  Water Treatment
  Petroleum & Products
•  Gilsonite
•  Natural Bitumen Ȼ
  Medical Intermediate
•  Nitrobenzaldehyde serial
•  Nitrobenzylalcohol serial
    Nanjing Lewis Import & Export Trading Co.,Ltd. affiliated to the Lewis Group ( was founded in 1996, main business is import and export of international trade, business scope covers the metal material, machining products, machinery and equipment, chemical products and so on, an annual turnover of about $20 million. Nanjing Lewis represents on an exclusive basis I. Schumann & Company , an American Bronze Foundry, in marketing and sales of its bronze products in most part of China .

    Nanjing Lewis has maintained a long-standing relationship with many lubricant consumers and acts as an importing agent sourcing basic oils and lubricants from international market.
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